Weight Loss And Forskolin

How many times have you read information about a number of weight loss supplements that simply melt the pounds off rapidly only to find that your initial weight loss was due to the loss of muscle mass and of course water weight. Not to mention, that what weight you did lose came back to haunt you.

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You'll find that many weight loss supplements make use of a combination of ingredients many of which are stimulants that can absolutely make you a nervous wreck. So, let's take a look at the weight loss supplement Forskolin and see what it has to offer for weight loss and weight maintenance. Nevertheless, any search you do on the Internet will provide information from doctors you see on television to nutritionists who will tell you that Forskolin is the newest and hottest weight loss solution around. Forskolin is definitely worth checking into and what it does may surprise you. Forskolin goes far beyond weight loss and weight management providing for a number of other health benefits that are well worth taking this supplement. So, continue reading and find out about all the benefits that Forskolin has to offer for weight loss and beyond.

The question is: is Forskolin all that it is cracked up to be? With all the current assertions by celebrities on television whether doctors, nutritionists or actors, can you be sure that it will do what they say it does. After all, some have reported that you can lose 10 pounds in a week without changing your current lifestyle. They also report that you don't need to exercise or diet as well. Can this be true? Can Forskolin deliver such promises?

I don't know about you, but I'm certainly a believer that food is the greatest medicine of all. Science has definitely demonstrated that natural substances and whole foods have a tremendous impact on our bodies far beyond what was once thought. So, it's time to look at what science has to say about this botanical which comes from the mint family and whether the claims about Forskolin are genuine. There have only been two human studies on Forskolin and weight loss as well as one experiment on rats so information is somewhat limited but seems to be very promising.

Forskolin Research

A study back in 2005 was conducted by the University of Kansas and their researchers studied 30 obese and overweight human males. This was set up as a 12-week program where some subjects took 250 mg of 10 percent Forskolin extract twice daily and other subjects took a placebo. A second human trial was done at Baylor University that studied 23 mildly overweight females. The dosages were the same as in the first experiment. The rodent study was done in 2014 and researchers gave 50 female rats Forskolin or Rolipram as a 10 week therapy. The female rats were divided up into 5 groups in such as way that one group was a control group and the other four were combinations of diet and supplementation.

The upshot of these experiments was that Forskolin appears to help in preventing weight gain and has little to do about weight loss. In the first male trial (obese and overweight), Forskolin definitely effected overall body composition by lowering body fat and maintaining muscle mass. Interestingly, Forskolin was able to increase bone mass and raise blood levels of testosterone. So, Forskolin did impact body composition which is a good thing but it didn't really help to lose weight. In other words, it helps to lower body fat and maintain a healthy body mass index so it is good for weight management. The second trial on mildly overweight females, had different results. Researchers found that there were no significant differences in body fat. This means that body composition was not changed or so it appears. There were no significant changes in metabolic markers including testosterone, however that might not be surprising since these subjects were females. Nevertheless, Forskolin appeared to inhibit deposition of new body fat and these subjects reported that they felt less tired, hungry and felt as if they were full a good deal of the time. The rat experiment (female rats) demonstrated that Forskolin and Rolipram enhanced lipolysis (fat breakdown) and inhibited weight gain by increases in cAMP. In short, Forskolin inhibits weight gain even when rats were specifically fed diets that make them gain weight. Overly, Forskolin helps to prevent weight gain.

Okay, so the take home message is that Forskolin is beneficial for weight management and preventing obesity. So, with a proper diet of healthy whole foods and an exercise routine, you can lose weight. Taking Forskolin will help you keep the weight off preventing the yoyo effect. In fact, if you take advantage of a low carbohydrate diet (low sugar) and supplement with Forskolin, achieving your weight loss goals may become easier. On a low carb diet, it is possible to lose 7 pounds in one week (for real) and I have done so. The problem is coming off the low carb diet because you end up gaining the weight back. So long as you introduce carbs back into your diet slowly and find out where you need to stop, Forskolin can be of great assistance and help you get there. If you remain on a low carb diet for two week, the average weight loss is around 15 pounds. Try to keep your sugar intake below 14 grams daily and you will lose the weight. You can eat all the protein and veggies low in sugar you want so you certainly won't starve. Supplementing with Forskolin may inhibit weight gain as you begin introducing more carbs back into your diet. Forskolin is meant for long-term use in weight management. And, as the scientific studies have demonstrated, Forskolin does not seem to have any negative side effects. Once you get control of your weight and are able to maintain it properly, you'll have a sense of control and self confidence. No more need to hide under baggy clothing to obscure what you have underneath. The one thing that many people overlook is that weight is a two fold situation. Once you lose weight, you need to keep that weight off. However, most people gain it back. The second step is weight management so that you keep the weight from coming back. There is some evidence that Forskolin can do just that. So, while you are dieting, supplement with Forskolin to keep the weight from coming back. If you are on a rather drastic diet for quick weight loss, take Forskolin right away and keep taking it after you go off your diet. At least animal studies indicate that Forskolin can prevent weight gain even when excess food is taken in.

Forskolin Has a Number of Benefits

Although Forskolin is not particularly for weight loss but rather weight management, it has a number of health benefits that come along for the ride. Keep in mind that weight management is as important as weight loss. Anyone can lose weight to some extent but the real trick is keeping it off. Weight management is crucial to any healthy lifestyle because weight has a way of creeping back in. Keeping weight off is essential to maintaining a healthy balance.


  • Possible Cancer Therapy – Research in 2011 (University of Madrid) demonstrated that Forskolin has the ability to activate phosphatase 2 (PP2A). This is a protein (enzyme) that suppresses tumor growth. Quite often, this enzyme is inactive in some cancers. When Forskolin activates this enzyme, it has anti-tumor effects (stops cell division). Further research indicates that Forskolin has the ability to generate apoptosis in some cancer cells. Apoptosis is a form of programmed cell death. It also has the ability to reduce cancer therapy side effects. So, Forskolin appears to have health benefits for some types of cancers.
  • Decreases Hypertension (high blood pressure) – Believe it or not, Forskolin has been used as a medical therapy for a long time and in particular it was used to treat cardiovascular issues such as high blood pressure (hypertension). Researchers have found that the extract of this plant effectively reduces high blood pressure in over 75 percent of patients who were supplemented. For that reason, Forskolin is well accepted for use in improving cardiovascular problems. So, for those of you who thought that blood pressure can't be controlled with natural remedies, you are mistaken. However, for those of you who have high blood pressure, consider lowering your intake of salt, sugar, caffeine and alcohol and this will help bring down your pressure. Consider taking in foods that are rich in potassium, magnesium and drink herbal teas and this will help bring down blood pressure as well. Also remember to reduce stress and exercise regularly. All of these things help to reduce blood pressure.
  • Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar levels -- We are limited to rodent studies here but in 2014 researchers (published in International Journal of Medical Sciences) looked at oxidative stress and glycemia in rats. Rats were administered Forskolin for 8 weeks and they found that fasting blood glucose levels were lowered. This would particularly be beneficial to prediabetics and diabetic patients and anyone who wants to maintain steady blood sugar levels and prevent sugar swings.
  • Forskolin and Asthma – For those of you not familiar with asthma, this is a condition where airways become inflamed. Forskolin has long been used to treat asthma and is very effective in reducing inflammation. Generally, asthma is treated with cromoglicic acid (non-steroidal inhaler) or steroidal inhalers and other anti-inflammatory therapies. Research has demonstrated that Forskolin is much more effective than cromoglicic acid in actually preventing an asthma attack. Research on certain steroidal inhalers (beclomethasone) versus Forskolin found no significant difference between the two therapies. What this means is that Forskolin is a safe, natural treatment for asthma if you're interested in staying away from drugs.
  • Forskolin and Glaucoma – Recent studies have looked at intraocular pressure control which refers to fluid pressure actually within the eye. Common therapy for people with glaucoma is to try to maintain proper intraocular pressure. If you have primary open-angle glaucoma, this is serious business because high pressures can lead to irreversible blindness. Forskolin has been believed to be very effective in the treatment of glaucoma, however this botanical has to be injected into the eye. Just a bit of a drawback. Currently, oral administration is being studied. Italian research looked at patients who were currently at maximum tolerated therapy levels without demonstrating any improvement to intraocular pressure. These researchers administered Forskolin orally along with Rutin (another supplement) and found that intraocular pressures dropped dramatically. This is good news for patients who have exhausted all other therapies just short of surgery. Glaucoma patients are usually prescribed beta-blockers and/or analogs of prostaglandins. Both of these therapies are know to have nasty side effects. Some of these side effects include depression, upper respiratory tract infections, fatigue, constipation and erectile dysfunction. In an effort to find better therapies, researchers in India decided to use eye drops that contained a one percent solution of Forskolin and found it was effective.
  • Forskolin and Alzheimer's Disease – A recent study in 2016 published in the Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology found that rats that were given Forskolin had a decrease in some of the physical components that are often seen in Alzheimer's disease. The major physical component is know as senile plaque which is a beta-amyloid protein. Excess amounts of this protein cause neurofibrillary tangles and plaques. This causes neuronal axons to fragment and cell bodies to become deformed. Eventually the axons are so fragmented that they no longer communicate with other neurons. This generates a loss of short-term memory. So, somehow Forskolin is removing some of this protein which can be helpful particularly in early stages of Alzheimer's disease. This could slow down the fragmentation process considerably. Forskolin was also reported to decrease inflammatory activity. This is very encouraging as far as a natural therapy for the treatment of senile dementia.

How to Take Forskolin

Forskolin comes in various forms depending on what you are using it for. Over-the-counter Forskolin is often in powder form as an oral supplement. It can also be prescribed as a powder form for you inhaler for asthma or it can be injected directly into the eye as a treatment for glaucoma. Make sure you choose a pure Forskolin and purchase from a trusted company and make sure to follow all instructions and if in doubt, consult with your health care provider. For those of you taking Forskolin as a weight management supplement to reduce body fat and boost free testosterone levels in blood, take 250 mg of a 10 percent Forskolin two times a day. This should provide the optimal dosage for most men. One bottle provides a one month supply of pure 10 percent MIT Nutra Forskolin extract from Coleus forskohlii. Shipping is always free and there is a 100 percent guarantee or your money back.

What is Forskolin Anyway?

Forskolin is a biological molecule that has been used for hundreds of years in a number of forms as a natural remedy. It is taken from the Coleus forskohlii plant. Most of you are probably familiar with Coleus as many people commonly grow this plant in their yards. However, this species is different from the common one you buy at your local plant nursery. Forskolin was used in the past in various Asian countries, Brazil, Africa and India. It is a major component in Ayurvedic therapies and is used for whole body health but specifically it has been used for cardiovascular issues, cuts and burns, digestive problems, eczema/psoriasis immune disorders, asthma, UTIs (urinary tract infections) and a number of other health issues.

Today, Forskolin has caught the eye of the scientific community because it activates and increases cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate) which is known as a second messenger which regulates many intracellular functions. Although cAMP has many functions depending on the cell type, it is well known for its ability to regulate blood glucose and fat levels. All of which is important for weight loss and weight management. Say goodbye to unwanted weight gain with MIT Nutra's Forskolin weight management formula to maintain your weight long-term and really feel good about yourself. Keep in mind that there are two components to having the ideal weight. One is proper dieting and exercising and if necessary weight loss and then weight management. Your weight needs to be managed on a daily basis or you will gain weight back so this is an important part of weight control. With a little help from MIT Nutra's Forskolin weight management supplement, you'll be on your way to an ideal weight for long-term. What good is it if you keep dieting and keep gaining the weight back. It all boils down to maintaining a constant weight once you are at the desired weight. If you are really overweight, Forskolin may assist in preventing further weight gain and keep you where you are until you can figure out a better diet and exercise routine. And, the added plus is all the extra health benefits that come with Forskolin such as lowered blood pressure and healthy blood sugar levels. And, if you have asthma, glaucoma or Alzheimer's disease, Forskolin is beneficial for these issues as well.

Forskolin Side Effects

Although few human experiments have been done so far, weight loss and weight management studies have reported no side effects. However, one concern is for individuals who have low blood pressure. Forskolin is know to lower blood pressure and this is a good thing if you have high blood pressure. If you have low blood pressure, Forskolin might lower you blood pressure even more which would not be a good thing.

MIT Nutra Forskolin
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MIT Nutra's Forskolin is made in the USA and non-GMO and manufactured in a GMP compliant laboratory as directed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This product is available in the United States as well as around the globe and can be shipped anywhere. Shipping is always free and MIT Nutra offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee or your get your money back. You'll get 100 percent money back on one open container per household.

MIT Nutra's Forskolin comes from the Coleus Forskohlii plant and each capsule contains 250 mg of pure 10 percent Forskolin extract. This has maximum potency to assist in weight management so you can reduce body fat and raise free testosterone levels. This non-stimulating supplement is non-GMO and of the highest quality and purity your money can buy. If you've been dieting on and off and found that you eventually gained back the weight you lost, Forskolin is a supplement that may help you keep off the weight you lost. Forskolin has been demonstrated to alter body composition by inhibiting weight gain and creating a lean body. If you are particularly overweight, Forskolin has been demonstrated to prevent weight gain in terms of fat deposits. Excess fat in your system will be used to generate ATP the energy currency of the cell. This will make you feel energized and ready to go. So, as you're losing weight, Forskolin can help keep the weight off and allow you to achieve your weight goals. Supplementing with Forskolin may be the missing link to maintaining weight loss for most everyone. Remember, there are two parts to managing your weight. One is losing weight and the other is maintaining that weight loss and hence the phrases weight loss and weight maintenance.

MIT Nutra Forskolin Reviews

by Natalia Stafford I am taking this in conjunction with MIT Nutritions Raspberry Ketones. I have lost five pounds on one week. I kept my diet the same, healthy eating during the day and I allow three Oreos after dinner.

These pills help you eat correctly sized portions and some nights I'm so satisfied from dinner, I don't even want to eat Oreos. I have noticed it makes me more thirsty, which is actually a great thing since I need to drink more water anyway.

Here are some awesome things about these pills and this company. This is an American company and these products are made here. They are natural (non GMO), vegan, gluten and dairy free.

by Anita Huffman I had been taking Forskolin for about 6 months now. Just started taking this brand , MIT Nutritions, & I love it. I have lost 8 pounds overall but better than that I am losing inches of my waist. I have more energy & I feel better about myself taking this product. I exercise twice a week but portion control really helps out too. I would recommend this product for everyone. It really helps you lose weight.

by Kristie Simpson Forskolin has become a big rock star for me as a daily weight loss aid. I always noticed an increase in the rate of loss when I include it into my daily routine and efforts. Now, I am actively dieting, exercising, and incorporating a full-picture of changes and effort to help achieve my goals, so though I cannot say Forskolin is the soul source of my weight loss, I can say that it:

1. Helps to curb appetite. I notice that my hunger is greatly reduced when I include Forskolin in my routine, and that I have reduced cravings. This makes it much easier to stick to my diet..... my own body does not sabotage me by making demands, or thinking that it needs bigger portions. This is the primary way that it helps with weight loss. It reduces your hunger, which aids in sticking to diet changes and reduction that can in turn contribute to weight loss. ​

2. Improved energy. This helps me to feel to achieve exercise, and stick to intended goals.....instead of feeling too tired, and crashing early. ​

3. No negative side affects. I have not experienced jitters, or anything negative with this supplement. No stomach upset or problems. ​

In all, it is a great addition to weight loss routines.... it is a great tool to help keep on track. ​

**I received this product on time and this is my honest review of my experience with it. My reviews always reflect my true experiences and opinions, regardless of where I purchase (and I am not required to leave a positive review). I myself depend on reviews when selecting my purchase choices, so honesty is important to me.

by Tiffany Phillips This supplement was exactly what I needed to kick-start my weight loss. Before taking this product, I never thought it would be so easy to lose weight. The biggest advantage that I experienced with this supplement was that it decreased my appetite. I did not have crazy ridiculous sugar cravings and I didn't feel the need to grab a sugary snack halfway through the day. It did not cause any negative side effects and I definitely did lose some weight during the time that I was taking this supplement. It is definitely worth a try if you want to lose some of that stubborn belly fat even fighting with! I would like to take the time to acknowledge the fact that I received this product on time and this is my honest and unbiased review. That in no way affects the way I feel about this item and its effectiveness. I am under no obligation to provide a positive review and receive absolutely no incentives if I do. I understand the importance of quality and trustworthy reviews, so that is the only thing I will ever write. All opinions are my own and my review was 100% genuine. I experienced great results and would definitely take the time to recommend this product to others.

by Minnie Garcia Very pleased with this brand of Forskolin. I had purchased another brand but it was 1/2 the mg level, I found the MIT Nutritions brand is double the mg level per capsule therefore less capsule intake. This was very important to me.

Next level of importance is the quality. I have insulin resistance and I am on a ketogenic diet so keeping my carb intake controlled is important to me. I do want to be able to eat carbs in a controlled manner with some assist at blocking carb uptake. I found it worked very well for me at carb blocking so I am maintaining my weight (I have found Forskolin as an effective weight loss herb now I am on it), AND I am happy to be only taking 2 caps per day on my higher carb meals (lunch and dinner ) with this brand!!!

Remember to take this capsule about 30 min before eating to give it the carb blocking advantage. I really like the MIT brand. Not everyone has the same reaction to a weight loss product but this one is well-priced and is high quality and worth checking out!

Many of my friends are using this at my suggestion. Hopefully they'll have success too.

by Lillian Powell I began taking this product for reducing body fat and not necessarily for weight loss. I have read that Forskolin can assist in increasing more muscle mass, and take away the presence of fat cells in the body. After I began losing weight naturally, through exercise, I was not happy with my saggy muscles, typically noticeable in my arms and thighs. I really feel this product has started working for me the past 3 weeks, as I incorporate more muscle toning exercises into my workout routine. My doctor also recommended this product to increase bone density, as my family does suffer from bone density issues which is unfortunately passed through generations.

Taking Forskolin has alleviated asthma symptoms as well for me! I never had severe asthma, just seasonal, and I find in the mornings I am less stuffy and have not had to take my prescription singulair. So far I have been very happy with this natural product, and will continue to update my review as needed! No negative side effects AT ALL. I received it on time and I am pleased with the results, and happy to have found a product that works, and holds true to its claims. To be clear though, not intended for losing weight, but decreasing fat cells, which may or may not give you weight loss. If you would like a healthier physique and try this proven chinese medicine, I can attest that the MIT brand holds true to its description.

by Caroline Roy I have always been rather curious about this product; has quite a rave about its benefits, so I decided to try it. Its claim is to burn fat, aid in weight loss and improve metabolism. That's the dream team of benefits...But, does it live up to such a claim?

I've been using it since July and my bottle is completed. I have to say, I did lose weight, and my hunger was not what it usually is. I joined a gym and put it all into practice. The only reason I joined the gym was because I had so much energy and needed a place to unleash it. Yeah, you guessed it. The Forskolin Extract gets a thumbs up for performance. The only thing I didn't like was, although it didn't leave me gittery like some metabolism boosting products, it did leave me having a hard time unwinding at the end of the day; Your suppose to take 2 pills per day and its noted with plenty of water to avoid headaches. The pills are easy to swallow. There is suppose to be no side effects; I had none.

I love the ingredient list; there are no fillers, binders or artificial ingredients, which is really important. Will I purchase this particular brand again? Yes, I already have! I feel its helping me to reach my weight loss, and energy goals.

by Pamela Robbins I have tried a few diet pills. Each one has made my bowels loose including this one Forskolin. Speaking with some friends who took I learned it did them the dame. What we all agree on is that the body does have to adjust. That takes a few days maybe a week or so. That is about when my bowels got back to normal. I have not noticed a lot of weight loos,just a couple of pounds. I plan to continue and hope I adjust even more.

by Jacquelyn Brady If you are wanting to lose a few pounds with a fast acting all natural supplement than this is the one for you. I started this product and after the first pill i noticed more energy and my appetite was decreased. This weight loss supplement helps block carbs, suppresses appetite and burns fat to help you lose weight. This supplement does not give you any side effects at all which is a major plus since there are weight loss products that do give you side effects. I also like that fact that the ingredients are all natural and not chemical based. So for best results take one pill in morning with a 8 oz glass of water and one pill 30 minutes before you eat lunch with a 8 oz glass of water. for best results its best to exercise and eat right as with all weight loss.

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