Choosing the Best Anti-Anxiety Supplement

We hear all about stress, panic, and anxiety on a daily basis. We might even say to friends or family that we feel stress and anxiety about specific issues. Though you may hear some experts insist that anxiety is the result of our behaviors (such as when we dwell on an issue, and it eventually boils over into panic), it can be related specific disorders and even some chemical imbalances. This is why anyone who feels they are living with an unhealthy level of stress each day will want to consider the best anti-anxiety supplement possible. The MIT NUTRA Numirium has been created to provide a top quality anti-anxiety treatment.

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Not only is it the best anti-anxiety supplement, but its unique and innovative formulation makes it ideal for improving cognitive health, supporting a relaxed mood and even offering a premium anti stress solution. Using many vitamins and minerals, it also incorporates a proprietary blend of ingredients to ensure it functions as a superior and extra strength stress and anxiety supplement for even the most harried or upset.

Shortly, we are going to look at the individual ingredients that make this such a top quality anti-anxiety treatment, but first, we need to spend some time understanding the issues of anxiety, cognitive function and stress.

Using a Premium Anti Stress Formula

Anxiety has many definitions, but the simplest is that it is a term used to describe a sense of nervousness, apprehension, worry or fear that varies from mild to severe. There are formal disorders associated with anxiety, and as one expert has explained, the disorders will "affect how we feel and behave, and they can manifest into real physical symptoms". For instance, if you are undergoing a very high level of anxiety, you might be unable to sleep, you might break into a sweat, experience shaking hands or digestive upset, and even suffer chest pains or rapid breathing.

Stress is not the same as anxiety. It is actually a physical response to life's pressures or demands. It is not, as one expert says, "necessarily a bad thing". It is a response that our body creates, also called a "fight or flight" response that floods us with certain chemicals, hormones and other compounds (like adrenaline) because we perceive a threat.

Naturally, some of us don't have stress reactions to the same degrees as others. Why? Most say that it has to do with conditioning or experiences, and this is where cognitive function comes into the story.

Now, if you are interested in an extra strength stress and anxiety supplement, it helps to know how these things tie into your cognitive health and functions. The definition of cognitive functions is simply the cerebral activities that include attention, language, memory and reason. Many say that they are what lead us to any sort of knowledge. This is why they also include our senses.

So, if our cognitive functions are how we learn, and we experience anxiety or stress because we know or believe something about certain issues or events, it makes sense that the best anti-anxiety supplement is one that supports the health of the cognitive functions while also offering soothing and relaxing ingredients, too. This is why the MIT NUTRA formula, Numirium, is a top quality anti-anxiety solution.

It offers premium anti stress support through its list of ingredients, but it also blends key vitamins and minerals ideal for overall cognitive function and support, as well. Let's take some time to explore that list of ingredients and learn how this extra strength stress and anxiety supplement is of benefit to people of all ages.

The Ingredients in the Best Anti-Anxiety Supplement

When considering the use of a premium anti stress or anti-anxiety formula, quality has to be a major consideration. MIT NUTRA uses certified organic ingredients and goes to great pains to ensure that buyers get only premium products. In a moment we will review their impressive production method, but first, let's consider the remarkable ingredients used in this top quality anti-anxiety supplement.

  • Magnesium - As a material crucial to hundreds upon hundreds of metabolic processes in your body, it makes perfect sense that magnesium would appear as a dominant force in any extra strength stress and anxiety. Deficiencies in the mineral have shown links to the development of cognitive and mental disorders, including many of the anxiety disorders. It is a natural, soothing ingredient because it is responsible for nervous system regulation. This means it ensures you are able to deal with stress and anxiety easier. During times of actual, physical stress, your body can quickly deplete stores of magnesium, so it is a good idea to supplement.
  • Thiamine - A recent study on a group of participants admitting to high levels of anxiety or stress revealed that they all had little blood thiamine (which is also called vitamin B1). Treating them with supplementation reduced levels of stress. Why? As other studies have shown, thiamine is crucial to mental clarity, brain function and the removal of lactic acid from brain cells - which actually cause anxiety attacks. Clearly, the best anti-anxiety supplement would have to feature this healing vitamin.
  • Riboflavin - Another of the B vitamins (B2), riboflavin, is an antioxidant that also maintains healthy blood cells, metabolism and controls energy levels. The reason that it is part of a top quality anti-anxiety supplement is that deficiency of riboflavin is often accompanied by depression, mood swings and experiences of anxiety. 
  • Niacin - Yet another B vitamin (B3), niacin, is crucial to DNA repair and for the synthesis of certain hormones in the body. It manages energy and metabolism and is important to vasodilation (the increase in diameter of certain arteries). It is important in controlling cholesterol, but the reason it figures prominently in an anti-anxiety formula is that it can counteract adrenaline production. This, we learned, is how stress and anxiety can occur, but if you have adequate supplies of niacin, you can often avoid anxiety attacks due to imbalances in adrenaline and other hormones.
  • Vitamin B6 - This member of the B vitamin family has long been known for its ability to regulate the nervous system and to keep lactate levels in check. As we learned earlier, it can be that high amounts of lactic acid lead to anxiety attacks. Keeping this under control is a primary reason for vitamin B6 to appear in this premium anti stress supplement.
  • Vitamin B12 - It has long been known that people deficient in B12 also suffer from more frequent bouts of anxiety. It is believed that this is due to the simple fact that all of the B vitamins are linked to neurotransmitter production, and this is a critical mood regulation process. When you are low on B12, you may experience more noticeable changes in mood, particularly feelings of anxiety and depression.
  • Biotin - Yet another of the B vitamins (B7), biotin deficiency is linked to insomnia, depression and fatigue. Biotin is known for metabolizing carbs, proteins and lipids and for transferring carbon dioxide, yet it is also an essential component in the overall success of the B vitamins in overcoming anxiety and stress responses.

The Proprietary Blend in the Extra Strength Stress and Anxiety Supplement

In addition to the ingredients listed above, the MIT NUTRA Numirium formula also has a potent proprietary blend of compounds chosen to complement and support the full metabolism of the other ingredients.

  • L-theanine - Psychologists have long known that the amino acid L-theanine is an effective remedy for those experiencing anxiety. This is why so many advocate for the use of green tea, which is high in the compound. Yet, it is important that the individual also has increased levels of GABA (another ingredient in the proprietary blend that we'll look at shortly). Why? With L-theanine, your brain increases the production of GABA, and this boosts natural levels of serotonin and dopamine, leaving you calm and soothed.
  • Pyroglumatic acid - Derived from the amino acid known as L-glutamine, it is a nutrient not actually required by the body, but which acts directly on the nervous system. It is also incredibly beneficial to brain function because of its production of neurotransmitters, which support learning, memory and anxiety management.
  • Turmeric curcumin - This famous, colorful spice has been used for centuries to soothe and calm. Today, we know that its natural components work on several pathways in the brain, counteracting depression and working as a reliable anti-anxiety treatment.
  • Ashwagandha - This herbal remedy belongs to the Ayurvedic tradition and has long been used as an anti-anxiety treatment, but also to boost energy and support cognitive health in the elderly. The way it works is to reduce inflammation in the brain, but it also acts as a precursor to the production of various hormones necessary for overcoming anxiety.
  • GABA - Gamma-aminobutyric acid is produced in the body, but not always in the quantities needed. As experts know, anxiety can come from a flaw in the regulation of some neurotransmitters. GABA is the primary neurotransmitter known to regulate communication in brain cells. It is a sort of traffic officer that reduces activities between certain nerve cells and neurons. When deficient in it, harmful "communications" may occur and lead to anxiety, depression, lack of mental clarity and more.

As you now see, Numirium lives up to its self-described design of being the result of neuroscience being unlocked. It has been carefully formulated to physician standards using only time-tested, clinically proven ingredients. It is an ideal blend of ingredients for those suffering from high levels of anxiety or stress, or who are simply eager to boost cognitive function by supplying their brain cells with more regulated energy, messages and hormones.

However, it is important that we take a few moments to really scrutinize the idea of quality in this anti-anxiety formula.

The MIT NUTRA Quality Approach

While it is great to read that Numirium is doctor formulated, it might mean nothing if the individual ingredients are not of the utmost in terms of purity and quality. You can count on those precise properties with this anti-anxiety supplement.

After all, MIT NUTRA has long been known for its quality products and high production standards. They are always in total compliance with all cGMP standards (Current Good Manufacturing Practices). These are non-mandatory standards, but they stick to them because they understand what that level of dedication to quality will mean to customers. cGMP standards cover nearly everything, including the potency and purity of ingredients, quality of the production and manufacturing, and even the manner in which products are packaged, stored and handled. Few of the competitors take such steps to ensure purity and quality.

For example, MIT NUTRA uses certified organic ingredients that are gluten-free, non-GMO, vegetarian, caffeine free, kosher, and contain no artificial ingredients. This is due to the simple fact that such ingredients are the only type to deliver the level of effectiveness and consistency required. While they extend a money back guarantee to all of their buyers, they also take the extra step of using third party certification of all ingredients and manufacturer all of the supplements in the United States. This means that all of their products are free of additives, fillers, and harmful ingredients or contaminants.

This is a safe formula for men and women alike, though those under 18 should not take it without first consulting with a medical expert. Daily dosage is one capsule taken three times daily on an empty stomach. Of course, as is the case with premium supplements, it is important to discuss adding them to your daily regimen. This prevents adverse reactions with prescription medications.

With its use of proven, natural ingredients, Numirium is a fantastic anti-anxiety supplement for those who are ready to overcome feelings of stress so common to modern life. You also improve cognitive health with the many unique and complementary ingredients in this clinically proven formula.