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By now, most consumers are aware of the dietary supplement that is described simply as COQ10. This is short for coenzyme Q10, and it is one of the most essential substances in the body. It is why almost anyone can benefit from the best COQ10 supplements available. As you might guess, this would mean organic COQ10, but also COQ10 capsules that are made using the very best form or variety of the compound. In this article, we are going to look into that best form of COQ10, which is known as ubiquinol. Our goal is to first understand what COQ10 can do for you, and why ubiquinol is important. We will explore what taking organic COQ10 supplements can do, and lastly, find the best sources for COQ10 capsules.

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To understand all of this fully, we need to learn a bit more about COQ10, and just what it is and does for our bodies. So, let's start there…

How COQ10 Works?

Why do you need to take the best COQ10 when your body already makes it on its own? Well, for one thing, your body typically has less than a gram of it at any time, and it is often concentrated in major organs that need the most cellular energy - such as the liver, kidneys, various muscles and the heart.

To avoid too much science-speak when explaining it; let's start with enzymes and coenzymes. COQ10 is a "coenzyme" or a natural compound that actually helps an enzyme do the role it has been assigned. For example, enzymes are used by the body for digesting and metabolizing carbs and proteins. Both processes require enzymes as well as the coenzymes that ensure everything goes accordingly.

As you might guess, there are many different coenzymes, but COQ10 really stands apart from the rest.

The benefits of COQ10 are numerous, and most medical and health experts agree that it is beneficial to those with heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, gum disease, breast cancer, immune deficiencies, fertility issues, and even patients with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, tinnitus and skin issues are benefiting from COQ10 capsules.

Just what is it that makes it so beneficial to so many people combating so many issues? It is used by every single cell in the body to produce energy, and it is also imperative to protecting the cells from any damages resulting from free radicals.  Free radicals are groups of atoms with unpaired electrons. When they interact with oxygen they create "radicals" that cue chain reactions in the body - typically very harmful reactions that lead to cellular and tissue damage. Naturally, those that supplement with the best COQ10 are ensuring that their bodies have what they need to combat this damage.

However, taking an organic COQ10 does more than that. After all, those who take "statin" drugs (designed to reduce unhealthy cholesterol levels) also lose a lot of the natural COQ10 in the body, which can actually increase the damages done by heart disease. This is why high-quality COQ10 capsules may be essential to optimal and ongoing health.

Even simple aging causes us to produce lesser amounts, and so it stands that anyone who wants optimal cellular energy and tissue will want to start taking COQ10 capsules and organic COQ10.

Yet, there are adequate COQ10 supplements and then there are the best COQ10 capsules. The latter are supplements made with ubiquinone. You can find this as an organic COQ10 supplement, and it is actually of the utmost importance that you do spend time identifying a reliable source of it in your COQ10 capsules. Let's discover why…

Best COQ10

What Is Ubiquinol?

Premium supplement makers companies produce a form of COQ10 known as ubiquinone. This is a source that your body can quickly convert into to what is known as ubiquinol. It is the best COQ10 because the body can far more naturally use it to transfer free electrons.

Remember, it is the unpaired and uneven electrons that lead to free radicals, which then cause those unwanted chain reactions of harmful events. When your cells have an easy to use supply of this essential coenzyme, and one that doesn't first need to be broken down in order to be used, it just makes sense that it would be the best COQ10 supplement to choose.

Additionally, ubiquinol is noted as being consistently more reliable where replenishing your levels of COQ10 lost to statin medications is concerned. This is a very harmful issue (the depletion of natural COQ10 due to statin medications) as it depletes the heart muscle of its primary source of energy. With so little natural COQ10 on hand, it just makes sense to buy the best COQ10 supplements, which are those made specifically with ubiquinone.

And while, it has been shown to prevent damages that result from oxidative stress and is ideal for supporting cellular function by offering natural energy to the cells throughout the body, it is also the best COQ10 because it provides much more powerful levels of antioxidants, and it is a much faster acting supplement.

It is also noted for being effective in cases of septic shock, cardiac arrest and/or stroke recovery, helping those with periodontal disease and those struggling with inflammatory issues. It is used often by those who seek to recover faster from rigorous and regular exercise, and many people use organic COQ10 to offset the potentially harmful effects of other medications - particularly those that impact heart, liver, muscle and kidney function.

Studies have also yielded some interesting outcomes for those with cancer who also use the best COQ10. Those with lymphoma, myeloma, and cancers such as colon, kidney, pancreas, lung, breast and prostate cancers have found that COQ10 capsules support their immune function and may be an appropriate secondary treatment.

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So, ubiquinol is the natural by-product of your body metabolizing COQ10 capsules made from ubiquinone. That means you can enjoy premium results from an organic COQ10 supplement, whether it is made of ubiquinone or ubiquinol directly. The key is to find the highest quality, clinically proven formulations. That is precisely what we emphasize at the end of this article. For now, though, let's consider the old "if it sounds too good to be true…" idea. After all, with so many benefits to be gained from the use of the best COQ10 supplements, it makes many wonder what the proverbial "downside" might be. In other words, are there any side effects. There are two answers - yes, but they are rare and mild. Let's consider whether that is the case next…

COQ10 Side Effects

Experts, such as those at the Mayo Clinic, have stated that those with allergies or sensitivities to idebenone (a common Alzheimer's and cognitive disease drug) and other similar substances will want to avoid COQ10. Apart from potential interactions with this particular drug, the only other side effects noted include:

  • It may increase heart rate and should be taken carefully for those who already take a heart regulating drug
  • Other reported side effects include, insomnia, dizziness, slight irritability, headache and rash (but these are rare)
  • It has the potential to interact with certain medications, and as is the case with any use of supplements while taking prescription drugs, you must consult with your doctor before you use any dietary supplements - even the best COQ10 supplements.

Dosages of up to 3000 mg are considered safe, but the standard dosages are much smaller. Let's consider them now…

COQ10 Dosage

It is not unusual for people to take varying dosages of the best COQ10. Ideally, COQ10 capsules should be available in a 200mg dosage. This would allow you to safely space out a regular daily dosage several times per day.

Yet, we also have to consider a few additional factors when calculating the ideal dosage. For one thing, ask yourself why you are taking it. Are you just an athlete looking to recover quickly? Perhaps you are a senior citizen hoping to address certain health issues?

Some general recommendations would include:

  • Those under the age of 60 can benefit from as little as 100-200mg each day
  • Those over the age of 60, or those who use statin drugs at any age, will want to take at least 200mg daily, and increase it to 300 mg to ensure optimal support
  • Those just starting out on COQ10 capsules made of ubiquinol will want to begin at 200-300mg each day, but only for a two to three-week period. This allows plasma levels to reach optimal levels. After that, you can reduce to a 100mg maintenance dose or for those who are active, lead stressful lives or take statins, it is the 200-300 mg daily dose.

You can also add dietary sources such as beef heart, liver and shoulder meats, reindeer meat (often seen as the highest natural food source), chicken hearts and livers, and many kinds of seafood. However, you would have to consume great quantities to obtain the same dosages available to you in the best COQ10 an organic COQ10 capsules. That is why you need to find a reputable producer of the best COQ10 capsules.

And that brings us to the final issue we were going to look at today - the best resource for high quality COQ10 capsules. So, let's look at them now…

Buying the Very Best COQ10 Capsules for Your Needs

MIT Nutritions produces a wide variety of premium supplements made with the purest ingredients. Their MIT NUTRA COQ10 is ideal for men and women of all ages and lifestyles. It has been clinically proven to enhance circulatory and cardiovascular health through its potent ability to deliver energy and enhance oxygen delivery. In fact, in reviews and studies done over a ten-year period, it was noted that 83% of those who used these COQ10 capsules (the MIT NUTRA COQ10 formula specifically) saw a measurable boost to their energy levels. This is quite dramatic when compared against the data for those taking the same supplement but in a powder form. In that group, only 30% said they experienced more energy.

The MIT Nutritions formula is also a clinically proven and patented formulation that is unique in its production in a GMP Certified facility. The supplement industry, as you may or may not know, is notorious for having very little oversight. GMP certifications mean that the producer opens up their production site to rigorous inspections and certifications, ensuring buyers that they are investing in the purest and most potent products. Third party testing guarantees this, as well.

You have just dedicated a bit of time learning about the simple way that your cells obtain energy. You may have been shocked to discover just how little of this all-natural coenzyme your body makes, and even more shocked to learn of how radically those levels can decline as we age. Once we reach 40, whether we are active and healthy or inactive and struggling with health issues, our body's ability to produce adequate COQ10 can decline. Add prescription drugs like statin drugs to combat cholesterol, and things can really worsen from there.

Rather than put your heart health, brain health and overall health and wellbeing at risk, you can purchase the best COQ10 capsules from MIT Nutritions. Their MIT NUTRA COQ10 is available in a 200-mg dosage that is ideal for those just beginning as well as those who are eager to use a higher daily dosage and effective formula.

If you are worried about any health issues or you wish to just support your body's ability to exercise effectively, fight signs of aging and skin issues, enjoy optimal immune function and savor the many benefits that a potent antioxidant and cellular energy supplier makes, it is time to introduce yourself to the best COQ10 supplement available - the MIT NUTRA COQ10 capsules. Long known for its heart healthy benefits, it is also a secret ingredient for optimal health, energy and wellness, too.

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