Beware of Bargain Beauty Brands

You should be very weary of purchasing bargain beauty products online. There is a large market for selling diluted products and even alternate products in the name brand packaging.

Why to Avoid Bargain Beauty Products

One of the biggest reasons to avoid bargain beauty products is to avoid misrepresentation of what is inside of a package. Buying cheap, generic products for beauty can lead to less dramatic results from a product that is lacking in quality. These bargain products are often less effective, leaving you to use far more of the products than you should have to use. If you are flying through the products at that quickly of a rate, then are you really even saving money? If you have to go back and buy all of your skin care, hair care, and makeup items once a month or once every other month, are you spending less than you would spend on quality products that will surely last longer?

It’s Worth It

While name brand makeup and beauty treatments can seem really expensive, they are generally worth it…for many many reasons. First of all, the quality of the ingredients in your products will be guaranteed. From a personal standpoint, I have noticed a great change in the appearance of my skin and the results that I have achieved with using name brand products. While it may seem like certain name brand, deluxe products are far more expensive, I have also noticed that I don’t need to use quite as much of the products as I did with cheaper drug store products, bargain products online, or at second-hand stores that resell excess inventory. Face washes work more efficiently and you are able to use less of your creams and masks if you are using a top quality brand.

The same goes for makeup. While some brands seem like they are so much more expensive (leaving many of us scouting for bargains online), they will actually last you longer. Lipsticks and lip glosses of top brands are more pigmented, allowing you to use less and reapply less often. Powders, eye shadows, and blushes don’t have to be dug into with incredible force to use them, so they actually last longer as well. I felt nervous when I started shopping the premium brands at Ulta, but when I realized how long my products lasted me, I realized I was actually spending less money than I was spending on cheaper bargain products.

The Scoop

If you have done any research on the topic, you already know that fake makeup and beauty products are being sold online at an alarming rate. You should always avoid buying products from websites where individuals are selling used items even if they claim that it is new and in the package. Often times, consumers will buy these products and realize far too late that they have purchased an imitation item that has unknown ingredients. This is not only frustrating, but it is also scary. Certain chemicals can actually do more harm than good or at the very least be totally ineffective. So make sure you do your research. Most often, you will find that you are actually getting the best deal and always getting the best quality if you just avoid bargain beauty shopping.