Avalon Organics Vitamin C Soothing Lip Balm

Avalon's Vitamin C Soothing Lip Balm is perfect for everyone. It is formulated with powerful antioxidants such as vitamins C and E. The moisturizing capability lasts a long time and is more effective than most other lip moisturizers because of its combination of ingredients. Avalon has also added jojoba oils, aloe and organic coconut that protect your lips from drying out and chapping. Your lips stay smooth and soft and as healthy as they can be.

The formulation in this lip balm allow dry, chapped lips to take in moisture as you apply this balm. The vitamin C helps to protect from environmental damage due to wind and sun. Once oxidative stress occurs, free radicals are formed that are extremely harmful to other molecules around them. Proteins such as elastin and collagen are bombarded and broken into pieces and can no longer perform their functions. This allows for wrinkles to form due to the lack of hydration (water) and elasticity is lost due to a lack of elastin.

Collagen is a large protein that absorbs water molecules to keep your cells plump. When the collagen is fragmented it can no longer hold the water and the cells begin to shrink. So, if your lips are exposed to various environmental factors such as hot or cold temperatures, wind, sun and air pollution, they are under attack and need some help. In fact, it's best to wear a lip balm at all times. Avalon's Soothing Lip Balm with its bioflavonoids, organic coconut oil, aloe, vitamin C and E, and jojoba oil help to boost elastin and collagen production and support cell renewal.

This lip balm contains no parabens, no phthalates, non-GMO/NSF, no man-made colors or fragrances. It is 100 percent veggie, pH balanced and no animal testing has been done.

How to Use: Apply Avalon's Soothing Lip Balm as often as needed.

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