Apricot Kernel Oil

You may think of apricots as those delightful mid to late summer fruits packed with color and sweetness. However, the apricot variety known as Prunus armeniaa is one that packs even more than a lovely color and taste. A native of Asia, the fruits it produces feature kernels that are some of the most nutrient dense imaginable, and it is from this that the finest apricot kernel oil is made.

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Remarkably high in antioxidants and proteins, it is also a source of beneficial minerals such as copper, potassium, magnesium and others. These naturally occurring compounds are what make apricot kernel oil such a great treatment for the hair, skin and scalp. As a remarkable anti-inflammatory agent, apricot kernel oil is frequently used to address serious skin issues like eczema and dermatitis, but it is most frequently called upon to remedy or improve conditions with the hair and scalp.

How Apricot Kernel Oil Helps the Hair and Scalp

To begin to understand precisely why apricot kernel oil is so helpful to your hair, it has to begin with oleic acid. This is also called omega-9 fatty acid, and it is one of the finest natural emollients. This is a term that means that a substance can make something softer or suppler, but does not typically moisturize.

What oleic acid does is trap whatever moisture is inside the hair or the skin, which means that it can become a major tool in the overall improvement of the hair and scalp by simply ensuring it remains as soft and hydrated as possible. Keep in mind that this has a secondary benefit, which is to ensure balanced oil production. Many run into trouble when the moisture of the scalp and hair is "off". This might cause too much or too little sebum (natural oil) to be produced, and this can lead to everything from thinning hair to chronically greasy hair.

So, with just a single application of apricot kernel oil, you hair can be much more pliable and soft (and your scalp, too). This, however, is not where the story ends because there is also linoleic acid in the oil. This is a noted stimulant that can trigger hair growth while also locking more moisture into the hair and scalp.

To use it is simple - just apply a drop to the palms and then work from the tips of the hair to the scalp. Massage the oil into the scalp as this boosts circulation and absorption, maximizing the benefits of the oil. You can also use it to finish a style or revive curled hair that is losing its bounce.

One thing we haven't yet mentioned is that there is a substantial difference between a product that contains apricot kernel oil and one that is organic apricot kernel oil. You always want to find the latter, because it is the premium, organic oils that yield the results described above. JB Nutra offers specialized hair oil products that use a blend of organic essential oils, including apricot kernel. They also have a line of innovative products you can explore in order to boost your health and wellness.

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